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Group flight search

Group flight search

Visit to begin a flight search. At this time, we only support travel starting from the United States. Fill out the flight search form with the following details:

  • Flight type: Round-trip or One-way (Multi-city currently disabled)
  • Origin airport city code
  • Destination airport city code
  • Flight departure date
  • Flight return date (for Round trip flights)


  • When booking group flights, we recommend a minimum layover of an hour for connecting flights. Connecting flights tend to fly out of larger airports, which may require longer travel time between gates. Coordinating larger groups can add extra challenges.
  • Select the same carrier for both outbound and inbound flights on a round-trip flight itinerary to avoid additional booking and deposit fees. Additionally, airline baggage policies may differ which can often result in unexpected additional charges during travel. 

Unavailable fares

While most group trips can be quoted, there are a few booking exceptions:

  • Southwest flights cannot be quoted due to their display policies.
  • Flight prices that depart within 90 days are highly volatile due to increased demand. Additionally, many airlines close off group airfare inside of 90 days of travel.
  • Groups over 60 require additional account manager support as groups over 60 often exceed the maximum allowable number of seat reservations for group airfare. Frequently, groups over 60 have to be split across multiple itineraries. Learn more here.
  • Flight routes that include small or regional airports feature aircrafts that may only support 20-30 passengers. 

When fares are not available but the flights display the preferred flight times, these flights should be requested for pricing. Should these flights not have the required availability, an account manager will search for similar flights and make alternative recommendations for your group.

Review and book

After your desired flight itinerary has been chosen, you may review your trip due dates, total trip costs, and terms and conditions. If it meets your criteria, proceed with trip booking. All group trips require the following:

  • A group trip name
  • Trip purpose
  1. Sporting
  2. Educational
  3. Business
  4. Leisure
  • Booking fee
  • Acknowledgement of policies
  • Acceptance of terms and conditions

Once a trip has been successfully booked, its status will be set to “Processing” and will be considered a pending trip. It may take one to three business days for the airline to confirm flights. If your itinerary’s flights met any of the exception criteria an account manager will review and make the necessary arrangements for your group trip.