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Getting started

Getting started

If you do not have experience with booking group airfare, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the core concepts in our group airfare guide.

Account creation

Creating an account on Bacarai is free. Go to and register using your preferred sign up method.

You can sign up with one of the following:

  • A Google account
  • An email account

If using an email account, your account will need to be verified before access will be granted to our group airfare booking platform. After registration is complete, you’ll need to set up an organization to associate with your group trips.

Setting up an organization

After successfully signing on to your account for the first time, you will be prompted to create an organization. This step is mandatory to move forward with booking group airfare. We ask for the following details:

  • Organization name
  • Organization type
  1. Travel Management Company
  2. Travel Agency
  3. Tour Operator
  4. Business Group Organizer
  5. Student Group Organizer
  6. Leisure Group Organizer
  7. Other
  • Country 
  • Organization summary
  • Website (optional)

Setting up an organization allows you to invite team members to have access to group trips for oversight and management purposes. Note- this is not meant to be used to share access with group trip passengers.

Inviting team members

After organization setup is complete, you may elect to invite team members immediately, or you can invite members at any time by selecting Your Organization from the account dropdown in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Team members will be sent an invite code that will allow them to register their accounts and immediately be joined into your organization.

Search flights or submit a custom request

Bacarai provides two starting points for group trip bookings. 

Search Flights- Our search utility allows self-service group airfare booking for groups of 10 or more passengers. By filling out your desired flight criteria in our group flight search form, you can review and select flight options from airlines across the globe. Once your flight itinerary has been created, the key due dates will be displayed along with the terms and conditions for booking will be presented for your acceptance. Learn more about group flight search.

Submit a custom request- A custom trip request can be submitted when your desired flight criteria is more complex than is supported by a standard search, or when you would prefer some added assistance finding the right flights for your group.

Learn more about custom trip requests.

Need assistance?
Contact us to schedule one-on-one help navigating Bacarai and utilizing our booking features.